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Cancellation Policy

Order Cancelling: We can cancel the order for you if you contact us in time after your purchase.

1. If contact us within 2 hours after your payment finished, free to cancel but the paypal fee.

2. If between 2 hour to 12 hours, 10% of the order total will be charged as transaction fee and paypal fee.

3. If after 12 hours, 15% of the order total will be charged as transaction and handling fee.

4. Orders can’t be canceled once the parcel is shipped out.

5. If choosing the PayPal echeck to pay, it needs 3-5 days for PayPal to complete the settlement. during this time, if the customer wants a refund, 5% of the order total will be charged as a handling fee.

If you paid by paypal, when refund, you will be charged the paypal fee: 4.44% of the amount of order+$0.3. 

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Note: If requesting for refund or exchange or cancel your order, you shall firstly contact us by service email: We will not provide any exchange, return or repair service on returned your merchandise without our permission, and all loss will be afforded by customers. 

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