Cellmate 2.0 English Manual Guide -Qiui Cellmate 2 Manaul Guide

How to use cellmate 2 step by step

Step 1. Download QIUI APP: Search for “QIUI” in APP store or Play store.
Step 2. After registering and logging in, press the switch button.
Long press the switch button (Press 3 seconds to 5 seconds), until the blue light is on, let go. At that time, the green light flashes, it means the boot is successful.

Step 3. Press the switch button after login + tap on the adding icon and select device to bind it by following the steps the chose your role.
Step 4. For dual player please invite your friend in the friend page.

Wearing: How to wear Cellmate 2?

Add device to the App by following the steps.
Open the rings to put penis and balls through the ring
Unlock it in the App, then adjust the device to a comfortable position.
Lock it in the APP or disconnect the App to Lock. In case it is not locked, adjust the ring gently to make it lock.

How to take off the Cellmate 2?

Make sure your account has right to unlock, blue light on consistently means connected.
Tap on the unlocking icon to unlock, while the cage will make a "click" sound means it is unlocked.
Shape the ring gently to open it till you can take it off.

Charging Mode

Charging: Red light on consistenly
It is normal to generate heat during charging. Remember not to put the charger close to your body during charging to avoid burns, and do not charge when unsupervised.
Full Charged: gree light on consistently

Matters needing attention

Recommend to clean the device more than once every 2 weeks.
Not to swimming/diving, fine for showering.
Do not immerse in water or other liguids.
Avoid contact of sharp item.
This product does not do medical purposes.
It is recommended to wear no more than 14 days.
If a congestion, edema, obvious pain is difficult to endure, should stop using it immediately.
Don't place it in high temperature, open fire.
To ensure health, please keep private use, do not exhcange to wear.
Clean after going toilet.
It is normal to feel restraint during erection.
Please avoid strong impact on the product.
Do not expose the product to sunlight for a long time.
Seller is not responsible for causing physiological problems due to the special definiton of this product, please use this product with caution.