Cellmate 2 - Device Types and Modes

Device type 1 includes Cellmate and Pearflower, and they share the same procedures and modes.

This chapter assumes that the user has bound the Cellmate, the role is the controller (always has the unlocking permission), and there is no timer (the Cellmate cannot be unlocked within under timer)

Single user

1. Switch on the device

2. Open the app and click the corresponding device

3. App automatically connects with Bluetooth

4.After the connection is completed, the battery level starts to display, and a circular button appears in the middle. Click to unlock.

Invite Keymaster

Enter the device control page, tap on the “+” icon on the left, and enter the invite friends page.

Select the friend you want to invite as the Keymaster and confirm.

The invited friend will view the invitation record in the device message bar in the app message page. After agreeing, he/she will become the Keymaster of the device.

Dual players long distance controlling

When the wearer connects to the device (the battery level starts to display and the unlock icon appears), the Keymaster clicks the corresponding toy to enter the toy page and starts the remote control mode.

After the Keymaster enters, the page is as follows. The Keymaster can tap button 1 to remotely unlock. The Cellmate around the wearer will automatically unlock. Button 2 will be introduced  below.


Dual players simple mode

As shown in the figure below, button 2 can control the unlocking permission of wearer. After reclaiming, the wearer can not unlock by himself, but can only apply for unlocking permission from the Keymaster.


Click the alarm button at the bottom of the control page to view the existing timer coupons and the ongoing timer countdown.

Click the “+” sign in the upper right corner to enter the timer generation and device posting page.

The button in Figure 1 is the timer button for initiating the referendum, which sends a post to the community. After the referendum conditions are selected, the preset time will be increased once for each vote. After the referendum, you can view the referendum timer coupons in the referendum record on the timer management page above.

Button 2 is introduced in the following mode - matching master search.

Button 3 is random timer. Click to enter, as shown in the figure below, and select whether the generated timer coupons is taking effect immediately. Otherwise, click the “X” icon in the upper right corner.

In the random timer page, select numbers. Fill in the numbers for each time area of the wheel. After entering the 8 time areas, click the start button, and the wheel starts to rotate. After the rotation stops, the pointer points to the number represented by the locking time,  the timer coupons obtained at the current random timing. If immediate effect is selected, it will be started automatically after the rotation stop.

Manual timer: enter the manual timer page, select whether to execute immediately (the same as random timer operation), enter numbers to be timed according to personal needs, and click start to obtain the timer coupon.

Matching master

Matching master means to send posts to the community, collect users in the community to be their own masters. When users who meet the conditions you choose see and vote your post, they will send you an application. When you agree, they will become your Keymasters and can control the unlocking permission and timer management of your device.

Select the participation conditions when posting. Only those who meet these conditions can vote.

When others apply, you can view others' application records in the device record. After entering the device control page, click the button in the upper right corner to enter the record viewing page. Click the application record to view other user's application records. You can select the user you like in the record as the Keymaster of the device.

Permission transfer

In case of single player, the permission transfer is to transfer the device to the selected user, and his/her role is the same as himself.

In case of dual players, it means that the master transfers his own permission to others. Within a limited time, the device has nothing to do with himself. After the limited time, the authority returns to the master account.

Click the setting button in the lower right corner of the device control page and click the permission change button.

Select the duration of permission transfer and the user of permission transfer.

When there are two binders for the device, the permission can be transferred only with the consent of the wearer and the target transfer user.

If you are a single player, you only need the consent of the target user.

The permission acceptor (and the wearer) can view the permission transfer application record in the device message column on the message page of the app. After approval, the permission will be transferred.